Praying Mantis

Our Praying Mantis class is one of our 3-year-old classrooms. Our 3-year-old classrooms are preparing our students for VPK in the following school year. We believe in a hands-on approach to teaching and how to make each activity interactive and creative. In this classroom learning and fun go hand-in-hand, and the group-oriented focus teaches them social interaction and teamwork seamlessly, while also highlighting the teaching of patience and kindness.

In our Praying Mantis class, the classroom setting is a calming place where the students can feel comfortable and embrace their full learning potential. Watching their academic growth throughout the year is always an amazing experience, and knowing that the love of learning they acquire in preschool will carry with them for a lifetime is a powerful reminder of why Cape Christian Preschool strives for excellence in all areas! Our teachers love helping teach the children that Jesus loves them and is ever-present in their lives, and seeing the wonder on the children’s faces as they begin to understand God’s love for them is a humbling experience.

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